Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dear Caucus member,

I write to you today to invite you to join with the Latino Caucus in two important upcoming events on the issue of immigration reform. On March, 22-23, the Caucus will be visiting members of Congress in our first ever Lobby Day. On Sunday, March 21, we will participate in a rally calling for comprehensive immigration reform. Both events will take place in Washington, DC.

As you may know, the struggle to bring about worker-supportive comprehensive immigration reform is at a critical moment. Most political observes believe that a bill must be passed this spring, otherwise we will have to wait until 2011 or later. This country's broken immigration policies have created a system in which millions of workers live without basic protections, and are often exploited by unscrupulous employers. This two-tier system not only degrades working standards for immigrant workers, but for non-immigrant workers as well.

The Latino Caucus is organizing visits to key members of Congress to personally deliver the message that workers across this country need them to pass comprehensive immigration reform that provides a path to residency/citizenship for immigrants and protections for both immigrant and U.S. -born workers while including strong protections for prevailing wage work.

The lobbying will take place on March 23. On March 22, in conjunction with the LIUNA Political Department, we will have a training in lobbying practices, followed by a reception.

The Caucus will also be participating in a massive rally for comprehensive immigration reform. organized by the immigrant rights coalition Reform Immigration for America, to be held on Sunday, March 21.

Your participation in these two events will be extremely important in making the LIUNA Latino Caucus a recognizable voice in voice in pushing for immigrant and worker rights. Please speak with the elected officials in your Local, District Council and/or Region to encourage participation. Please notify us no later than March 1 if you plan to attend. We apologize for the short notice, but as you can see, time is of the essence.

We will be sending more information regarding these events and hotel accommodations. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to call Eli at (646) 208-7150, Ngullen at (917) 731-8392 or myself at (212) 227-4803.

Fraternally yours,

Edison Severino