Friday, October 5, 2012

LATINO PROJECT - American Worker

Sisters and Brothers,
With only 32 days to go until the election, we wanted to provide you with an update on some of the races important to Latino communities across the nation. There is exciting and growing momentum in many important races relevant to our cause.
In the Senate race for Arizona, a new poll shows Dr. Richard Carmona leading Republican representative Jeff Flake, 45%-43%. This is extremely positive news in a heavily Republican state like Arizona, as the website Daily Kos has changed its rating for this race from "Leaning R" to the "Tossup" category. We are proud to be involved in this race, and look forward to working to continue the momentum for Carmona.
Also moved from "Leaning R" to the "Tossup" category this week was the CA-10 race between Jose Hernandez and GOP incumbent Jeff Denham. Hernandez is leading 46%-44% in recent polling, performing ahead of expectations in this challenging district. Hernandez entered this race as a significant underdog, so his progress is very encouraging. We are currently active in this race as well, and are very pleased with this recent movement.
Finally, in the fight for TX-23, Pete Gallego has moved ahead of GOP Rep. Quico Canseco 43%-38% in a recent poll. Although Gallegos is being outspent by Canseco at a rate of 5-1, he has been able to persevere and carry momentum forward in this hotly contested district. This is yet another race that has moved from "Leaning R" to "Tossup." We are proud to be facilitating the positive trend for Gallegos with our current work on the ground and on the airwaves in TX-23.
As you can see, the momentum and effort to have more Latino representation in our government is growing. Therefore, we encourage you to spread the word about voter registration, early voting and absentee ballots. The progress that has been achieved will only be meaningful if we encourage Latinos to get out the vote on Election Day.
With less than 5 weeks to go, it is crucial to make sure that our community exercises its civic duty so that our collective voice is heard.
In Lasting Unity,
The Latino Project
This communication was made by the Latino Project, a special project of the American Worker, and was paid for by the American Worker, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.